Hi! I'm Pierson Scarborough

I'm a designer, a developer, and a creator. If you told me two years ago that I'd be a developer today, I would’ve thought you were crazy. Computer science seemed to be a foreign language to me and certainly something a designer would struggle with. But as I saw more and more opportunities open for designers who also had the ability to code, I decided to dive into this challenging discipline headfirst and haven’t looked back.

The world of development is just another outlet for me to build and create. I believe there is great value in not only being able to understand design, but also being able to create and implement it through code.

When I’m not writing code, you can find me shooting photography, creating art, thrifting, and just being active outdoors. I also offer freelance design and photography on the side. Contact me and let’s build something!



BRAINZ II, the highly anticipated sequel to BRAINZ, is a top-down style zombie slayer. See how long you can survive the zombie apocalypse by dodging and shooting your way to the top of the live leaderboards in BRAINZ II.


BRAINZ is a retro inspired zombie first-person-shooter that allows the user to train their reaction time, track progress, and view top scores from other users to see who is the Top Undead Slayer.


SHOWHUNTER allows the user to enter a specific band or artist name and returns a series of nearby concerts where the band is playing along with suggestions of similar artists also playing in the area.



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